Window Treatment for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are popular in homes and commercial buildings alike. They can provide you with a large window that can be used to allow ample natural sunlight to penetrate into the space. They also can open widely by sliding the door horizontally along a track. While these doors offer several benefits for you to enjoy, the fact is that it can be challenging to find window treatments for these large features that are both stylish and functional.

There are several different options to consider that may be suitable for use as a window treatment for sliding glass doors, and with a closer look at the options, you may find the treatment options that are best suited for your space.

Window Treatment for Sliding Glass Doors

Tie-Back Curtains

One option that may look wonderful as a window treatment for sliding glass doors is tie-back curtains. These are curtains that may slide to the stationary side of the window on a decorative curtain rod. They may be placed casually behind a stationary tie-back feature or may be tied back with a cloth feature that matches the curtain material.

When the property owner wants privacy or needs to block out sunlight, the curtain simply needs to be removed from the tie-back feature, and the curtain can slide across the rod to cover the entire window.

Window Treatment for Sliding Glass Doors Tie Back Curtains

Mount Top Treatments

Mount top window treatments are those that are concealed in part by a valance that hangs over the top of the sliding door. With sliding doors, the valance may be placed almost entirely over the wall above the sliding door, and the top of the window treatment may be installed inside this valance.

This type of solution works well with many types of sliding blinds that open in an upward fashion. The limitation with these, however, is that the blinds must be pulled entirely upward in order for individuals to be allowed to pass through the sliding door without hindrance.

Hanging Curtain Panels

Hanging curtain panels can also be installed with sliding doors. To provide ample access to the sliding door, the panels can be installed so that they are flush with the walls on the side of the door. When the curtain panels are open, the door should be usable. These panels can be drawn closed for privacy and to block sunlight.

Vertical Blinds

A popular option that many use as a window treatment for sliding glass doors is vertical blinds. These are blinds with panels that hang in a vertical fashion from a bracket placed at the top of the sliding door. Rather than being drawn in an upward motion, they can be drawn sideways to the stationary side of the door.

The benefit associated with using vertical blinds is that the angle of the blinds can also be adjusted to control the amount of sunlight that penetrates into the space. This is not possible when using curtains as a window treatment for sliding doors.

Window Treatment for Sliding Glass Doors Vertical Blinds
Window Treatment for Sliding Glass Doors Contemporary
Window Treatment for Sliding Glass Doors Drapes

Making a Decision

The good news is that there are several different types of window treatments for sliding glass doors that are available. When making a decision, it is important to first choose a type of window treatment that is most functional for your needs.

For example, if the ability to control sunlight in the space is important, the use of horizontal blinds with a mount top valance or vertical blinds may be preferred. Accessibility through the feature as a portal may also be more important in some homes or commercial spaces than in others.

Once you have decided which type of window treatment may be best for your space, you can then explore the different decorative style options. The right window treatments for sliding doors can enhance the functional use of the sliding glass door while also adding style to the space.

Zebra Rug

Any bland room can come alive in an elegant manner by decorating it with a zebra rug. Of course, you don’t want to overdo any type of jungle theme. You must carefully choose the wall paint colors and furniture so it blends and is easy on the eyes.

Since the zebra print tends to be available in two main colors (although multi-color schemes do exist), it’s easy to use with your decor.

Zebra Rug


Contemplating the use of basic colors and contemporary furnishings, this patterned type of rug will add some exhilaration to a living room area. Keeping balance in mind, experiment with muted shades like white or gray and beige for the furniture while choosing bold colors for other pieces.

You can also opt to have some large pieces of your furniture match one of the rug’s colors, which increases the sense of balance in the room. In a living room, you could use contemporary furniture and place some plants around the room to give off a nature vibe.

Zebra Rug Living Room

Dining room

For example, you can place a zebra rug underneath a dining room ensemble to give it a central point. Then, make the look of the dining area more pleasant by properly aligning the pulsating stripes of the rug with the width of the dining set table’s legs.

Try to choose a rug which will go well with the particular wood used for your dining set. A rug which is much larger than the table itself will provide guests with an elegant scene that they’ll remember even long after they leave.


A bathroom can also benefit in its appearance by incorporating a zebra rug into its decor. By putting this type of rug in front of the bathtub or toilet, you can really accentuate the room. You can even find a few bathroom pieces such as a toothbrush cup or shower curtain in this same pattern.

Another option would be to find some African masks to hang on the walls. Of course, you’ll want to keep the jungle look low-key by blending these items in nicely. Make sure to avoid masks which are too large or outside of your color scheme. Lastly, try to keep the masks limited to only two per room.


When you want to change things up, you can add the jungle look to a bedroom. In addition to the standard uses of a rug, you could hang the rug on the wall. Any well-made area rug can be considered an art piece provided it’s not too large for your wall.

Since the black and white colors in the rug’s print can virtually go with any other color, you could choose bedding pieces such as a comforter, sheets or pillows in any color you find appealing. Again, take care to not go overboard on the size of the stripes in one room.

When using this same pattern for the rug and bedding, consider purchasing a smaller size rug. You could also choose a zebra pattern for the sheets if you keep everything balanced.

Focus & Simplicity

Due to the amazing qualities of a zebra rug, it should be the focal point of your room. Avoid placing too much furniture or other objects in the room which would only serve to distract from its elegance. Additionally, be sure to simplify the design of the room and not use more than two color schemes. Multiple color schemes will compete with each other and throw off the balance in the room.

All in all, no matter where you place it, a zebra print rug will look great in any room!

Luxury Bedding

When you’re redecorating your bedroom, look into replacing the linens on your bed with luxury bedding. After your mattress and pillows, this is another part of your bedroom that’s worth investing in as it’ll greatly increase your comfort, both visually and physically.

Choose a color scheme for your new look and if you want to get fancy, you can go lighter or darker depending on the season.

Luxury Bedding

Quality is Luxury

Keep in mind that when shopping for new bedding, the higher the thread count per square-inch, the smoother and more luxurious the sheet. Most standard bedding will usually be in the 200-300 thread count range. However, it goes up from there with 600 being a nice weight and feel for bedding. Higher end sheets can go up to 1,200 with an almost buttery feel to the sheets.

The type of fibers used to make the bedding also matter. It can be made of 100% cotton or a blend that sheds wrinkles. Luxury bedding can also be made of a satin fabric to add a bit of romance to the room. The shimmer will add beauty and catch the light and the smooth texture of satin is cool to the touch.


Some comforters can also be considered luxury bedding. These can be made of down or the newer polyester fill that mimics natural down, i.e. for people who are allergic to feathers. The beauty of a room is heightened by the right bedding. Imagine your spouses surprise when you fix up the bedroom like a romantic oasis.

The right sheets and comforter can add elegance or whimsy. With a dust ruffle circling the bed and completing the look, your room will reflect taste and style.

Seasons & Change

Usually, people like to change their bedrooms bedding with the season.

Starting in the Spring, bring in florals and a lighter weight fabric. A cotton blend is excellent at this time for the reduced wrinkling effect and smoothness. You can use colors such as greens in various shades and yellows; peaches are great at this time too. Accent with pillows in the same color range.

In Summer, it is time to deepen the color palette. Think of Summer grass and trees in emerald and sage. Also, bring in shades of rose red and sky blue.

Fall is a time for deeper browns and gold colors to be used. You might consider accenting with metallic edgings and oranges. This season represents the time of harvest so think of the colors of autumn leaves and bring these colors to the forefront. A leaf theme-based comforter would be a good idea at this time.

Winter is next and the use of silver, white, bold reds and greens come into play. Indigo can accent the bedding colors to bring out the lightness of a winter’s day. Some people like to add jewel tones at this time of the year to give a warmer and cozy feeling to the bedroom.

Mix & Match

Remember, when you redecorate your room with new bedding, also think of matching the style and color of the drapes as this can greatly enhance your room’s decor. Experiment with a wide array of colors and bring romance, interest and excitement to your new bedding. When shopping for luxury bedding, you will not need to worry about your options as there are many materials, sizes and a range of prices, low to high, that are available to you.

With the right theme and quality selection, you’ll be pleased with your room’s decor and sleep comfortably to boot!

Taper Candles

One of the most popular types of candles due to their elegance and sophistication are taper candles. These are long, slender candles that are often placed in candle holders in order to accentuate a home and make its decor stand out, especially as they provide just the right amount of textured lighting. 

You’ll also find them in many churches as they are regularly used as part of the worship service. As you can see, they serve the dual purpose of practicality and being aesthetically pleasing.

Taper Candles

Make or Buy

Taper candles are generally widely available. You can purchase them at large chain stores or in small boutiques and specialty stores. If you prefer, you can make these candles at home or purchase them from individuals who specialize in this craft. Making them from scratch can serve as a fun home project for the aspiring hobbyist!

These candles are available in colors ranging throughout the entire spectrum and with a variety of textures that will spruce up the design of the room where they’ll be located. A couple of the most popular textures include smooth, honeycomb and rustic, to name a few. Due to their versatility, they are often used to complement other types of home decor to add a touch of elegance to the look of your home.

Taper Candles Metallic

Perfect Ambiance

A popular use for these candles are in romantic dinners because they create the perfect ambiance. You can instantaneously feel more at ease and relaxed once these candles are lit. In fact, they can create this mood in any room in your home. And if that wasn’t enough, the best part is that they only take up a small amount of space due to their slender design.


Another way to enhance the appearance of a room is to use these candles even when they are not lit. You can set them as centerpieces and as a result, they’ll become conversation pieces. Their mere presence can direct the attention to a certain area in a room and make that spot the focal point. In this manner, they can serve as wonderful accent pieces to make a room look complete and worthy of appreciation.

Taper Candles Beeswax

For Emergencies

These candles are also useful to have during blackouts or in other emergencies due to their ability to burn for longer periods of time. To ensure safer handling, you can find special candle holders that are designed to catch the wax that spills down from the top of the candle. Please exercise caution when doing this as handling a candle when lit isn’t generally recommended.

Versatility & Sophistication

If you love candles, using taper candles is one of the most effective ways to achieve a look of elegance in your home. Moreover, you have the comfort of knowing you can use them any time the power goes out to find your way around your home.

As a result of their versatility and sophistication, taper candles are likely to remain highly sought after for many years to come.

Walk In Shower Designs

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling a current bathroom or you simply have an interest in interior design, understanding where a walk in shower design stands is important.

Gone are the days of the standard shower and bathtub combinations. Those bathrooms of the sixties and seventies have been replaced by roomier spaces where nothing does double duty. Baths serve as baths and showers have the sole use of being a shower.

Walk In Shower Designs

This article will touch on a few basic design elements of current showers: glass free showers, showers with no doors, the different surfaces we are currently seeing and the many accessories that can be implemented in your walk in shower.

Glass Free Showers

A glass free shower is an option when designing your new space. If the space is large enough to avoid spray, a half wall or no wall is an option. For smaller spaces, an enclosed shower with an open entrance would be a logical option.

Opting out of the traditional glass shower will provide less to clean while also giving your bathroom a fresh and updated look.

No Door Showers

How about giving your shower a noticeable flair by not installing a door? As long as the shower space is large and the water sources are far enough from the entrance, a door free shower is entirely feasible. Door free showers are an especially good choice in a non transparent or windowless stall as it will give the sense of being less confining.

Walk In Shower Designs No Door Shower

Shower Surfaces

Choosing a surface for your new walk in shower is key in determining the overall appearance of it. With the options seemingly endless in tile size and color, this choice will be the one that gives your shower your own unique touch. Just remember, the smaller the size of the tile on the floor, the safer your shower will be. Smaller tiles mean more grout which is less slippery. Stone, marble, concrete and granite are also options for surfaces in showers.

Shower Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing your walk in shower, the sky is literally the limit! A wonderful way to save electricity while also adding interest to your shower is by installing a skylight. When it is daylight, there will be no need for a light, at night, the stars can serve as a unique view and rain will offer a peaceful escape.

Other popular accessories in today’s walk in showers include televisions, radios, telephones and even fireplaces! Getting ready in the morning becomes more enjoyable when you have a television to watch the news on in the shower or a radio to energize you!

Custom niches are also popular in walk in showers. Niches are used to hold various toiletries and take up no space in the shower since they are built into the wall.

Benches or seats are also becoming commonplace, especially in bathroom showers. It’s extremely convenient while doing tasks such as shaving your legs. It can also give a break to someone who needs to be seated or it simply offers a nice way to get clean if in need of a little help.

When it comes to water accessories, shower heads have come a long way! In addition to the handheld heads, we are now seeing multiple shower heads, capabilities of steam showering, as well as full body sprayers.

Walk In Shower Designs Enclosure

Plan Ahead

Designing your new walk in shower will take more decisions that you may have originally considered. You may need to draw up plans and even visit design centers. For many, bathrooms are an afterthought and an often ignored design element in their home. When well planned, it’s a place that will offer a relaxing retreat from your everyday routine.

With proper planning, your new walk in shower will be a spot that you look forward to visiting each day!