Walk In Shower Designs

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling a current bathroom or you simply have an interest in interior design, understanding where a walk in shower design stands is important.

Gone are the days of the standard shower and bathtub combinations. Those bathrooms of the sixties and seventies have been replaced by roomier spaces where nothing does double duty. Baths serve as baths and showers have the sole use of being a shower.

Walk In Shower Designs

This article will touch on a few basic design elements of current showers: glass free showers, showers with no doors, the different surfaces we are currently seeing and the many accessories that can be implemented in your walk in shower.

Glass Free Showers

A glass free shower is an option when designing your new space. If the space is large enough to avoid spray, a half wall or no wall is an option. For smaller spaces, an enclosed shower with an open entrance would be a logical option.

Opting out of the traditional glass shower will provide less to clean while also giving your bathroom a fresh and updated look.

No Door Showers

How about giving your shower a noticeable flair by not installing a door? As long as the shower space is large and the water sources are far enough from the entrance, a door free shower is entirely feasible. Door free showers are an especially good choice in a non transparent or windowless stall as it will give the sense of being less confining.

Walk In Shower Designs No Door Shower

Shower Surfaces

Choosing a surface for your new walk in shower is key in determining the overall appearance of it. With the options seemingly endless in tile size and color, this choice will be the one that gives your shower your own unique touch. Just remember, the smaller the size of the tile on the floor, the safer your shower will be. Smaller tiles mean more grout which is less slippery. Stone, marble, concrete and granite are also options for surfaces in showers.

Shower Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing your walk in shower, the sky is literally the limit! A wonderful way to save electricity while also adding interest to your shower is by installing a skylight. When it is daylight, there will be no need for a light, at night, the stars can serve as a unique view and rain will offer a peaceful escape.

Other popular accessories in today’s walk in showers include televisions, radios, telephones and even fireplaces! Getting ready in the morning becomes more enjoyable when you have a television to watch the news on in the shower or a radio to energize you!

Custom niches are also popular in walk in showers. Niches are used to hold various toiletries and take up no space in the shower since they are built into the wall.

Benches or seats are also becoming commonplace, especially in bathroom showers. It’s extremely convenient while doing tasks such as shaving your legs. It can also give a break to someone who needs to be seated or it simply offers a nice way to get clean if in need of a little help.

When it comes to water accessories, shower heads have come a long way! In addition to the handheld heads, we are now seeing multiple shower heads, capabilities of steam showering, as well as full body sprayers.

Walk In Shower Designs Enclosure

Plan Ahead

Designing your new walk in shower will take more decisions that you may have originally considered. You may need to draw up plans and even visit design centers. For many, bathrooms are an afterthought and an often ignored design element in their home. When well planned, it’s a place that will offer a relaxing retreat from your everyday routine.

With proper planning, your new walk in shower will be a spot that you look forward to visiting each day!