Luxury Bedding

When you’re redecorating your bedroom, look into replacing the linens on your bed with luxury bedding. After your mattress and pillows, this is another part of your bedroom that’s worth investing in as it’ll greatly increase your comfort, both visually and physically.

Choose a color scheme for your new look and if you want to get fancy, you can go lighter or darker depending on the season.

Luxury Bedding

Quality is Luxury

Keep in mind that when shopping for new bedding, the higher the thread count per square-inch, the smoother and more luxurious the sheet. Most standard bedding will usually be in the 200-300 thread count range. However, it goes up from there with 600 being a nice weight and feel for bedding. Higher end sheets can go up to 1,200 with an almost buttery feel to the sheets.

The type of fibers used to make the bedding also matter. It can be made of 100% cotton or a blend that sheds wrinkles. Luxury bedding can also be made of a satin fabric to add a bit of romance to the room. The shimmer will add beauty and catch the light and the smooth texture of satin is cool to the touch.


Some comforters can also be considered luxury bedding. These can be made of down or the newer polyester fill that mimics natural down, i.e. for people who are allergic to feathers. The beauty of a room is heightened by the right bedding. Imagine your spouses surprise when you fix up the bedroom like a romantic oasis.

The right sheets and comforter can add elegance or whimsy. With a dust ruffle circling the bed and completing the look, your room will reflect taste and style.

Seasons & Change

Usually, people like to change their bedrooms bedding with the season.

Starting in the Spring, bring in florals and a lighter weight fabric. A cotton blend is excellent at this time for the reduced wrinkling effect and smoothness. You can use colors such as greens in various shades and yellows; peaches are great at this time too. Accent with pillows in the same color range.

In Summer, it is time to deepen the color palette. Think of Summer grass and trees in emerald and sage. Also, bring in shades of rose red and sky blue.

Fall is a time for deeper browns and gold colors to be used. You might consider accenting with metallic edgings and oranges. This season represents the time of harvest so think of the colors of autumn leaves and bring these colors to the forefront. A leaf theme-based comforter would be a good idea at this time.

Winter is next and the use of silver, white, bold reds and greens come into play. Indigo can accent the bedding colors to bring out the lightness of a winter’s day. Some people like to add jewel tones at this time of the year to give a warmer and cozy feeling to the bedroom.

Mix & Match

Remember, when you redecorate your room with new bedding, also think of matching the style and color of the drapes as this can greatly enhance your room’s decor. Experiment with a wide array of colors and bring romance, interest and excitement to your new bedding. When shopping for luxury bedding, you will not need to worry about your options as there are many materials, sizes and a range of prices, low to high, that are available to you.

With the right theme and quality selection, you’ll be pleased with your room’s decor and sleep comfortably to boot!