Taper Candles

One of the most popular types of candles due to their elegance and sophistication are taper candles. These are long, slender candles that are often placed in candle holders in order to accentuate a home and make its decor stand out, especially as they provide just the right amount of textured lighting. 

You’ll also find them in many churches as they are regularly used as part of the worship service. As you can see, they serve the dual purpose of practicality and being aesthetically pleasing.

Taper Candles

Make or Buy

Taper candles are generally widely available. You can purchase them at large chain stores or in small boutiques and specialty stores. If you prefer, you can make these candles at home or purchase them from individuals who specialize in this craft. Making them from scratch can serve as a fun home project for the aspiring hobbyist!

These candles are available in colors ranging throughout the entire spectrum and with a variety of textures that will spruce up the design of the room where they’ll be located. A couple of the most popular textures include smooth, honeycomb and rustic, to name a few. Due to their versatility, they are often used to complement other types of home decor to add a touch of elegance to the look of your home.

Taper Candles Metallic

Perfect Ambiance

A popular use for these candles are in romantic dinners because they create the perfect ambiance. You can instantaneously feel more at ease and relaxed once these candles are lit. In fact, they can create this mood in any room in your home. And if that wasn’t enough, the best part is that they only take up a small amount of space due to their slender design.


Another way to enhance the appearance of a room is to use these candles even when they are not lit. You can set them as centerpieces and as a result, they’ll become conversation pieces. Their mere presence can direct the attention to a certain area in a room and make that spot the focal point. In this manner, they can serve as wonderful accent pieces to make a room look complete and worthy of appreciation.

Taper Candles Beeswax

For Emergencies

These candles are also useful to have during blackouts or in other emergencies due to their ability to burn for longer periods of time. To ensure safer handling, you can find special candle holders that are designed to catch the wax that spills down from the top of the candle. Please exercise caution when doing this as handling a candle when lit isn’t generally recommended.

Versatility & Sophistication

If you love candles, using taper candles is one of the most effective ways to achieve a look of elegance in your home. Moreover, you have the comfort of knowing you can use them any time the power goes out to find your way around your home.

As a result of their versatility and sophistication, taper candles are likely to remain highly sought after for many years to come.