Zebra Rug

Any bland room can come alive in an elegant manner by decorating it with a zebra rug. Of course, you don’t want to overdo any type of jungle theme. You must carefully choose the wall paint colors and furniture so it blends and is easy on the eyes.

Since the zebra print tends to be available in two main colors (although multi-color schemes do exist), it’s easy to use with your decor.

Zebra Rug


Contemplating the use of basic colors and contemporary furnishings, this patterned type of rug will add some exhilaration to a living room area. Keeping balance in mind, experiment with muted shades like white or gray and beige for the furniture while choosing bold colors for other pieces.

You can also opt to have some large pieces of your furniture match one of the rug’s colors, which increases the sense of balance in the room. In a living room, you could use contemporary furniture and place some plants around the room to give off a nature vibe.

Zebra Rug Living Room

Dining room

For example, you can place a zebra rug underneath a dining room ensemble to give it a central point. Then, make the look of the dining area more pleasant by properly aligning the pulsating stripes of the rug with the width of the dining set table’s legs.

Try to choose a rug which will go well with the particular wood used for your dining set. A rug which is much larger than the table itself will provide guests with an elegant scene that they’ll remember even long after they leave.


A bathroom can also benefit in its appearance by incorporating a zebra rug into its decor. By putting this type of rug in front of the bathtub or toilet, you can really accentuate the room. You can even find a few bathroom pieces such as a toothbrush cup or shower curtain in this same pattern.

Another option would be to find some African masks to hang on the walls. Of course, you’ll want to keep the jungle look low-key by blending these items in nicely. Make sure to avoid masks which are too large or outside of your color scheme. Lastly, try to keep the masks limited to only two per room.


When you want to change things up, you can add the jungle look to a bedroom. In addition to the standard uses of a rug, you could hang the rug on the wall. Any well-made area rug can be considered an art piece provided it’s not too large for your wall.

Since the black and white colors in the rug’s print can virtually go with any other color, you could choose bedding pieces such as a comforter, sheets or pillows in any color you find appealing. Again, take care to not go overboard on the size of the stripes in one room.

When using this same pattern for the rug and bedding, consider purchasing a smaller size rug. You could also choose a zebra pattern for the sheets if you keep everything balanced.

Focus & Simplicity

Due to the amazing qualities of a zebra rug, it should be the focal point of your room. Avoid placing too much furniture or other objects in the room which would only serve to distract from its elegance. Additionally, be sure to simplify the design of the room and not use more than two color schemes. Multiple color schemes will compete with each other and throw off the balance in the room.

All in all, no matter where you place it, a zebra print rug will look great in any room!